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How To Make Money with iPhone Apps – What You Ought To Know   by James Lee

Do you know that actually anyone can easily create an iPhone apps and make money? In fact, a 9 year old boy from Singapore just did that and has sold over 4,000 downloads of his “Doodle Kids” game.

Here’s another one…

How did Steve Demeter make almost $250,000 in profits in just a few weeks?


He created “Trism” – a remarkably inventive puzzle game app that appeal to a general audience. His app is entertaining, clean and unobtrusive.

It was that simple idea that skyrocketed him to the top of the iPhone app success list.

His team? Himself, mainly, with a little bit of help from a friend and a contracted designer (whom he paid only $500.)

For the average person who want to know how to make money with iphone apps, the process is strategic, intentional, and straight forward. Here are some ideas to help you get started.


Develop an app that is focused, practical, and small in size. The smaller the app file, the faster it will run and the more enticing it is to potential buyers. If the app is too big, buyers might not have room for it on their iPhone, causing fewer people to buy it, and you might not make as much money with your iPhone app.

Avoid letting extra features sneak into your app. If they are important, save them, and after the initial release of your app, release a premium version with the extra features. This will allow you to sell the simpler release (for those who need a smaller app), but also have a more extensive app that you can charge more for.

Keep it small, keep it simple, and create an app that people can use over and over again.

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