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Building And Releasing A Killer Facebook App

If there was ever a excellent place to find your market and obtain to understand them, it’s to be Facebook. An effective manner to leverage Facebook for brand building and selling functions is to make your own app and have it spread around the network, however there are some things that you should remember to ensure the app is successful.

There is a whole new psychology going on when somebody considers using any particular app. People are looking for some kind of status improvement, even if that means a high score with a game. Imagine what you could do with a game whereby the players can just see their scores or rankings compared to other people. Allow people to take something away whenever they do something that is scored or graded in some way. This takeaway not only encourages the user to come back for more, but also acts as a viral component for your app, as people that are using it will have their network see their results and attract the others to take part too.

Since Facebook is a social platform, brimming with activity all the time, you should make the user want to share the app. Make your app sleek so it does not interfere in any way with being shared. A word of caution is that people may resent your app forcing them to share it for some reason, or in some way. Imagine, though, that a truly fun and engaging app will naturally compel people to share it. You can stand out on Facebook simply by respecting other people plus over-delivering with your app so much that it just blows people away.

There is an element that involves tracking just like your sites because you do want to keep track of how many users your app gets. This is simply a metric that you can use later on if the app becomes a hit. This is not a complete necessity, but you should want to know if your app is being used or not. So this is all really very basic, but there is not a lot to it – but the rules of engagement do matter a whole lot.

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